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Loan Officer of the Month – July 2011

For the month of July, 2011 we will feature Debbie Sundlie, who’s effort and service helped a military serviceman and his family achieve their dream of home ownership.

Debbie was contacted by a Realtor, Mark Levenson, that she works with in San Diego, about the Reyna Family wanting to purchase a home. Brooklyn Reyna was nervous about buying a home and was not sure how the VA Loan process works. Brooklyn would be doing the lion share of this herself as her husband, Rene, had been gone over a year serving our country in Afghanistan, and wanted to find a home before Rene returned to the states.

Debbie wanted to make sure Brooklyn was comfortable with her and was happy to go over every aspect of purchasing a home using theVA Certificate. Once Brooklyn was comfortable with the process, they established a purchase price that fit their family’s budget. Now that Brooklyn had their price, Mark was able to start showing her homes. Being a military specialist, he showed Brooklyn homes ONLY in areas where he felt it was safe for a young family. Knowing that to be in the military is hard enough without having to worry about the safety of the neighborhood where your family is living.

As part of the process for finding their home, Debbie let Brooklyn know that Rene would have to contact her via email just to verify that he was aware she was looking for a home. Not an easy task for Rene when you are serving in an active combat zone such as Afghanistan.  But with Debbie’s persistence and hard work she was able to get all the information from Rene in order for Brooklyn to complete the loan process. With all the effort put in by everyone, they were able to close Escrow the week before Rene came home. You can read about how happy Rene was with the process and see the Welcome Home picture for Rene on their beautiful new house.  – Great Job Debbie & Welcome Home Rene!!

“This is Rene, Brooklyn’s husband; I just want to thank you for your time and patience. I am so excited to finally get a home, especially one that my wife (Brooklyn) loves. She has been keeping me up to date on everything…and I am surprised how quick and easy you have been making it for her/us. I will soon be home, and will hopefully be able to thank you in person. Thank you again so much, hope to hear from you soon.” – Rene Reyna

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