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Monday, October 24, 2011

No Economic Indicators are scheduled for release today.

Treasury 30-Year Bonds Gain as Europeans Struggle to Resolve Debt Crisis  U.S. 30-year bonds ended a four-day decline after European policy makers ruled out tapping the central bank to boost a rescue fund for indebted nations as they struggle to resolve the region’s debt woes.

Home Lending Revamp Planned   Federal regulators unveiled a major overhaul of an underused mortgage-refinance program designed to help millions of Americans whose home values have tumbled.

Fannie Mortgage Bonds Slump on Change of Refinancing Guidelines  the Federal Housing Finance Agency announced for the GSE refinancing program affecting so-called underwater borrowers.

U.S. Mortgage Fixes Won’t ‘Shock and Awe’ Economy   President Barack Obama, who tours foreclosure-ravaged Nevada and California this week, may face homeowners demanding bolder action as regulators prepare to release details of new housing proposals as early as this week.

Europe Puts Severe Options on Table   European leaders took their first steps toward a new plan to stem the euro crisis, admitting that their last grand plan, agreed to only three months ago, has failed.

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