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Joseph Sprecher joins Mason-McDuffie Mortgage as Sr. Vice President of Production

SAN RAMON (CA) —Joseph  M. Sprecher, an experienced mortgage executive, has joined Mason-McDuffie Mortgage to drive expansion in Southern California.  Sprecher will be based out of the Irvine branch at 9981 Irvine Center Drive, suite 200.  “I am excited to join the management team at Mason-McDuffie and plan to recruit experienced loan officers to join us here in Southern California. There is a great family culture here that I am excited to be a part of. That along with the great programs and concierge support to the Loan Officers made this an easy decision for me,” he said. “We are happy that Joe Sprecher has joined our management team as SVP of Production.  Joe is a seasoned mortgage executive who will be primarily focused on expanding our retail branch network in Southern California,” said Marilyn J. Richardson, President and CEO of Mason-McDuffie Mortgage.  Prior to joining Mason-McDuffie, he worked for two years as the Southern California Regional Manager for Caliber Funding.  He spent 23 years with Wells Fargo Mortgage in various managerial assignments. To contact him, please email or call (805) 458-0678.

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Every Loan Officer IS Their Brand

While other lenders try to force Loan Officers to lessen their Social Media and Website presence, in essence their brand, we at MMCD encourage it. Don’t get me wrong; I can understand why some Lenders take this approach and their reasons behind it. To put it simply it is due to some of the ridiculous regulations facing our industry and it is easier to force everyone into a tight box rather than to manage their individual brands.  However, I feel there is balance that can be achieved with proper understanding and tools to manage them effectively.

The problem with forcing Loan Officers to water down their brand to fit into your own box is that all Loan Officers are not created equal. Their market, their customers, their workflow, and their branding will all be unique. Their creativity and marketing success will never truly have a chance to flourish in a “one size fits all” environment.  This can also result in the Loan Officers not being able to stay up to date with current trends in technology, especially in regards to Social Media Marketing.

The last thing you want as a lender is for your Loan Officers to be behind the competition, which can result in them being less successful.  Loan Officers are the lifeblood of a mortgage lender and without their success we are all going home to do something else.  That is why MMCD’s Prime Services Group’s mission statement is “To put every Loan Officer in the best possible position to succeed.” In my opinion, encouraging our Loan Officer’s branding and creativity using a process based on balance, is a recipe for marketing success. A true “win” for everyone.

Jason C. Frazier
Chief Information Officer

To learn more about Mason-McDuffie Mortgage’s Prime Services Group, CLICK HERE

To learn more about Mason-McDuffie Mortgage, please CLICK HERE

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Prime Services Group – One Team, One Goal

We are doing a lot of great things for our Loan Officers here at Mason-McDuffie Mortgage.  Prime Services is the merging of our Technology, Social Media, Marketing, and Training teams. Under one umbrella, we have created a full service Loan Officer support team that we truly feel is unique and second to none in our industry. Below, are a few bullet points that outline what the Prime Services group does for our Loan officers.

  • Marketing Concierge Platform
    • We do all of the marketing for each Loan Officer, which is done at no cost
    • Company provided CRM system that is fully integrated into our LOS
    • We will build the Social Media channels of every Loan Officer and push all content for them on a daily basis
    • Professionally designed websites that are fully integrated into our CRM
  • Prime Realtor Services
    • Help your realtor partners with their Social Media channels and content
    • Help your realtor partners with their marketing
    • Provide Technology “Advice and Counsel” to help them with various technology issues
  • Quick Response Time
    • Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is to respond to any question within 20 minutes. Right now our average response time is 7 minutes.
  • One Email Address, One Number
    • You have a one stop contact for all your Technology, Social Media, Marketing, and Training needs
    • Even if your question falls outside of that scope, we will still find an answer to your question

These are just a few of the items that Prime Services does for our Loan Officers. Our mission statement is simple. We put every Loan Officer in the best possible position to succeed. We take great pride in our concierge approach and our One Team, One Goal attitude. For more information please go to or email

Jason C. Frazier – CIO
Mason-McDuffie Mortgage

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