While other lenders try to force Loan Officers to lessen their Social Media and Website presence, in essence their brand, we at MMCD encourage it. Don’t get me wrong; I can understand why some Lenders take this approach and their reasons behind it. To put it simply it is due to some of the ridiculous regulations facing our industry and it is easier to force everyone into a tight box rather than to manage their individual brands.  However, I feel there is balance that can be achieved with proper understanding and tools to manage them effectively.

The problem with forcing Loan Officers to water down their brand to fit into your own box is that all Loan Officers are not created equal. Their market, their customers, their workflow, and their branding will all be unique. Their creativity and marketing success will never truly have a chance to flourish in a “one size fits all” environment.  This can also result in the Loan Officers not being able to stay up to date with current trends in technology, especially in regards to Social Media Marketing.

The last thing you want as a lender is for your Loan Officers to be behind the competition, which can result in them being less successful.  Loan Officers are the lifeblood of a mortgage lender and without their success we are all going home to do something else.  That is why MMCD’s Prime Services Group’s mission statement is “To put every Loan Officer in the best possible position to succeed.” In my opinion, encouraging our Loan Officer’s branding and creativity using a process based on balance, is a recipe for marketing success. A true “win” for everyone.

Jason C. Frazier
Chief Information Officer

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