Dealing With a Tight Housing Market? 3 Tips to Ensure You Get the Mortgage You Need

Dealing With a Tight Housing Market? 3 Tips to Ensure You Get the Mortgage You NeedIn many cities around the country, real estate prices are on the rise and potential buyers are working hard to find a home they can feel good about. However, finding the right home in a tight market can be even more of a challenge when it comes to striking the right balance. If you’re hedging around the market in the hopes of finding the perfect home, here are some things you should do to ensure you don’t miss out on a good opportunity.

Keep An Open Mind

When wading into the real estate market, it can be very easy to get so enamored with the kind of house you want that you don’t see what’s in front of you. However, not paying attention to the potential of a particular house can mean a missed opportunity that will end up costing you down the road. Instead of waiting around for your dream home, make sure you take a look at homes you might not have thought about as they may end up being a welcome surprise.  You may also consider renovation loan programs.  These products are available to help a home reach it’s full potential, turning a “this house has potential, BUT…” property into your dream home.  Want to learn more about renovation loans, the process, or how easy it can be to finance a property into a dream home?  Ask one of our loan experts questions about renovation products here!

Be Confident, But Not Too Confident

Since many homeowners have history with their home, they want a homebuyer who’s going to be just as invested in their property as they were. On the other hand, though, it’s important not to be too excited about a home as the seller may use your interest to get a higher offer. Instead of playing on opposite poles, show your interest and get into the game with a respectable offer, but be willing to back off if the seller isn’t interested.  To show sincere interest in a house, it may be a good idea to write the seller a personal note with your offer – an approach that doesn’t always sway a seller, but could be the difference if other offers are similar to yours.

Don’t Demand Too Much

Many potential homebuyers have been told to be aware during the home inspection and ensure they get the repairs they’re requesting, but in a tight market you may want to let a few things slip. While ignoring certain items like foundation or roof issues can be a major misstep, letting small things like a broken doorknob or peeling paint slide may be something you can easily remedy that won’t push you out of the game.  Once again, Renovation Mortgages can help in these situations, by turning large up front costs into a small increase in monthly payment as an option to work with an inflexible seller.

It can be complicated to get into the real estate market as a new buyer in a competitive market, but by letting the small stuff slide and being open-minded, you may just find the home you’re looking for. If you’re currently getting prepared to dive into the real estate market, please reach out to one of our Mason-McDuffie Mortgage professionals.

Bonus Tip: Work with a Mason-McDuffie “Buyer’s Best” Pre-Approval

Your loan officer at Mason Mac can get your loan reviewed by an underwriter before you find your dream home, so when the time comes to put in an offer, your buying power is about equal to a cash buyer because a seller doesn’t have to worry about you running into financing issues.  With “pre-underwriting” all of your financials, credit, and everything else not related to a specific property is analyzed and approved by an underwriter, so when you find the perfect home, you can move quickly on that offer.  You can read more about Mason Mac’s pre-underwriting “Buyers Best program” here!

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