5 Reasons Mason Mac Should Be Your Lender

Size Matters

Work with a tiny broker?  You may have to wait for the broker to get loan info from their

Mason McDuffie Mortgage is one of the nations leading lenders
Mason Mac is an industry leader, and an industry changer

wholesale account executive…who has to wait to get info from their underwriter (who is located somewhere in the country…we think?)…who has to get info from their underwriting manager…who has to….OK, you get the point.  Small brokers have to rely on many people they barely know to get back to them, often leading to delays in response time, along with delays in the loan process.

Work with a big bank?  Well, chances are to a lot of people at a big bank, you’re nothing more than a loan number.  And maybe your loan officer is great at what they do, or maybe your loan officer just started yesterday and is now entrusted with the biggest financial transaction of your lifetime.  Not a good place to roll the dice.

Mason Mac is a “goldilocks” company, where things are jussssst right.  We’ve got a small and dedicated staff of loan professionals, processors working alongside loan officers, along with underwriters and even company executives who are just a phone call away to help.  With average response times of less than 3 hours, Mason Mac is big enough to help, and small enough to care.


Products And Selection

Are you a first time buyer looking for a down payment assistance product?  Are you a seasoned investor looking for a lender with no cap on owned financed properties?  How about a self-

employed business person with substantial write offs or difficult to document income?  Either way, Mason Mac has a product suited for you.  Jumbo loans, renovation loans, interest-only options, asset depletion products, reverse mortgage, and more.

Mason Mac is a direct lender on the vast majority of products, and for those rare products we don’t have on board, we can place them with one of our outside investors.  Convenience is having a one stop shop for all residential mortgage needs!


No Overlays

Many lenders have their own set of guidelines that they place on top of guidelines already put in place by the likes of Fannie Mae, HUD, and various other mortgage entities.  Mason Mac is not one of them – we underwrite our loans according to conventional guidelines straight from the horse’s mouth (or, at least Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s mouth).  Our FHA loans are underwritten according to HUD standards, and our VA loans conform to the VA Selling guide.

What does that mean for homebuyers and property owners?  It means no surprises, clear guidelines, and a loan process that isn’t a burden.  It means the most solid pre-approvals in the industry for our buyer clients and real estate partners, and it means that we can set expectations that if your loan meets guidelines and can be closed, then we’re going to get it done.  Peace of mind is priceless, and our underwriting philosophy offers that.


You Can Trust the Process

By using the most current technology, industry leading software, and having staff focused on the consumer experience, we’ve created (and continue to enhance) a loan process that makes getting a mortgage fast and easy without sacrificing things like great pricing and the highest levels of customer service.

The Mason Mac loan process is one that rarely lasts longer than just a couple of weeks, and we have systems in place to save our borrowers time.  From electronic document signing to automated income and asset verifications, many of our loans are documented electronically through 3rd party systems, saving our customers from tedious paperworks and sorting through the filing cabinet.  Best of all, our technology is designed with our customer’s security in mind.  Our systems use state of the art encryption, and we layer security with password protection, so your loan process is easy AND safe.


Experience Counts

Mason Mac is home to many mortgage industry leaders.  From top producing loan officers to a management and executive team with the experience to successfully navigate the mortgage industry through any type of market, you can rest assured that the people working for you know what they’re doing.

A Mason Mac loan officer is one with industry experience, high level training, and is held to high standards through continuing education requirements and familiarity with our loan programs and processes.  Home to many Loan Officers holding Professional Mortgage Planning certifications, VA approved lending certifications, Reverse mortgage training, and down payment assistance program completion, Mason Mac is the home for the loan officer that doesn’t want to be a good LO – our loan officers put in the work to be the best in the business.


Are you a consumer with questions on the Mason Mac loan process, product offerings, or pricing?  Are you a mortgage professional looking to be a part of the best team in the business?  We’d love to hear from you with any questions you have – ask an expert today for an immediate response.  



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